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The Unexpected Cuyahoga

The Westlake Garden Club is extremely pleased to welcome Elaine Marsh to present a program on the “Crooked River.” Elaine is the Conservation Director of the Friends of the Crooked River and Project Director at Ohio Greenways. Friends of the Crooked River was formed in 1990 in order to give the 100 mile length of the Cuyahoga River a voice. “Our purpose is to educate the residents of Northeast Ohio to the value of this important watershed. We depend upon the Cuyahoga for our drinking water, wastewater disposal, agriculture, industry, shipping, recreation and wildlife habitat. Its far reaching impact on our lives should temper our view of the Crooked River with care, concern, and deep respect for all the Crooked River gives to us.” By 2008, the Cuyahoga River had achieved attainment for most of the aquatic life criteria for most of the river, most of the time. This is a totally remarkable achievement and the result of many legal, funding and research mechanisms. Federal, state and local efforts by agencies, organizations and individuals are responsible for this astounding accomplishment. This presentation will look at the history of water quality in the Cuyahoga River. It will look at the major causes of its systemic collapse in the 1950’s and at three selected initiative which brought about its current restoration. The benefits of water quality restoration will be reviewed featuring dam removal as a “non-traditional” water quality project. Gaps in the current regulatory format will be discussed. If you are interested in learning more about what is being done on the Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga Valley, please join us for this exciting program on Wednesday, November 15 at 1 p.m. at the Westlake Porter Public Library. Non-members are welcome to join us for lunch at noon for a $5 donation. Please call 440-665-5463 to reserve your space for the program and lunch.