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Westlake Garden Club Makes Centerpieces for Westlake in Bloom

A group of Westlake Garden Club members gathered, with clippers and garden shears in hand, at LaCentre on Wednesday, August 12 at 1 p.m. to make floral centerpieces for the Westlake in Bloom Awards Ceremony.  The City provides the vases and the flowers, and the garden club members provide the artistic touch to create beautiful arrangements for 30 tables.  The ceremony presents awards to city residents and businesses who have entered their gardens and landscaping in a friendly annual competition.  Garden club member, Thea Steinmetz, created a beautiful, opulent basket with most of the flowers, leaves and vines from her own garden, to adorn a table in the reception area of the lobby.  The ceremony started at 6:30 p.m. with refreshments in the lobby and everyone proceeded to the banquet room at 6:45 for the awards ceremony.  The room was lovely, the floral centerpieces beautiful, and the winners went home happy.  This is the 14th year for Westlake in Bloom and the garden club creating the table centerpieces.


Westlake Garden Club Plants Hilliard Blvd. Flower Box

Westlake Garden Club members, Marge Emblom, Kathy Bruening and Regina McCarthy, met at the club's flower box on Hilliard Blvd. on Saturday, May 16 to plant flowers.  Marge did the design and purchased the flowers and Kathy and Regina helped with the planting.  The City of Westlake waters the flower boxes but club member Shirley Lutts has volunteered to check on the box and water as needed.  The flower boxes filling the center of Hilliard Blvd. are unique to our city and visitors to Westlake always comment on how beautiful they are.

Westlake Garden Club Donates Wreath for Memorial Day Celebration

The Westlake Garden Club continued the tradition this year of donating a wreath and bouquet for the Memorial Day Celebration in Westlake at Clague Park.  Club member Carolyn Steigman created the wreath again this year and did a beautiful job.  A parade down Hilliard Boulevard to Clague Park precedes the ceremony. 


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