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A Day Out at Schoepfle Gardens

Instead of a meeting in June, the Westlake Garden Club took a field trip to Schoepfle Gardens, part of the Lorain County Metro Parks, in Wakeman, Ohio. Otto Schoepfle purchased the house and 80 acres of land once owned by his grandparents in 1936. He did not start out to create a botanical garden, in fact he referred to it sometimes as “the garden that grew.” He traveled Europe and North America learning about different botanical varieties and methods, coming home after each trip with new ideas. This continual pursuit of learning became a dominant force in his philosophy of life. In 1969 Otto arranged to leave the garden to Lorain County Metro Parks but continued to live in the house and manage and maintain the gardens until his death in 1992. The garden now stands as a monument to his values of continual learning and appreciation of both cultivated and natural beauty. In addition to a large variety of trees, the gardens are seasonal with the star being the Rhododendrons in June. June also brings a beautiful palette of colors in the Iris garden. The park offers tram rides throughout the gardens and tours of the house. There is a children’s area with a carousel. We had a wonderful day at the park with box lunches and good companionship.

New Board for 2022

The new officers for 2022 were elected and installed in November 2021.  Here is the new Board:  President: Carolyn Steigman, Treasurer: Deb Dougherty. Recording Secretary: Anne Engel and Cathy Karls. Membership: Lavinia Kozmin. Deb Dougherty will head a committee that will plan programs and events for the year.  Changes will be coming in meeting schedules and structure.  The new Board is attempting to reach out to more potential members and satisfy the wants and needs of existing members while keeping the purpose of the club in mind.  The continuing pandemic will influence many aspects of the coming year and we will attempt to work around the requirements while keeping everyone safe. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in this coming year.  See you in March.  Stay well.



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