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Westlake Garden Club Makes Flower Arrangements for Clague House Museum

The Westlake Historical Society welcomed visitors to the grounds of the Clague House Museum on Sunday, July 15 for their 42nd annual Antique, Vintage and Craft Show. Attendees could visit over 50 booths selling unique items, purchase potted plants, and enjoy refreshments throughout the day. The Clague House Museum was open for tours with a display of Bridal Dresses Through the Decades. On Saturday, July 14, Westlake Garden Club members gathered on the grounds of Clague House Museum with flowers, clippers/scissors and vases to make flower arrangements to be displayed in the Museum on Sunday. This is an annual event for the garden club with members bringing flowers and leaves from their own gardens, as well as plants found in nearby fields, such as Queen Anne's Lace. Lysa Stanton of the Westlake Historial Society asked that the Vintage Wedding Dress theme be considered when choosing flowers and making the arrangements. Garden club member, Jackie Crosier coordinated the volunteers and provided refreshments. This is a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, doing something we love to do, with people whose company we enjoy.  See Photo Gallery for pictures of arrangements being made.