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Christmas Arrives at Westlake Porter Library


The Westlake Garden Club “decked the halls” at Westlake Porter Library on Monday after Thanksgiving.  Garden club members arrived at the library with bags, baskets and boxes of holiday trimmings.  A 7’ tall tree was put into place, lights were meticulously attached to limbs, baby’s breath garlands were draped, and the ornaments were hung.  A nature theme had been selected and the tree decorating committee met several times, including a workshop to craft some of the unique and creative ornaments.  Pine cones were decorated with ribbon, dried cockscomb was fashioned into angels, dried gourds became birds, and twigs became critters.  Snow people with twig arms, hats, scarves and whole clove eyes add a touch of whimsy.  There are owls in abundance, including a large owl gracing the top of the tree.  Dried flowers tucked in here and there add color and continue the nature theme.  The very creative committee consisted of garden club members, Lillian Bialosky, Don Bowman, MaryAnn Brock, Pat Dailey, Michelle Hathway, Judy Hullinger, Regina McCarthy, Gail Morse, Robert Pearl, Alberta Ricciardi, Margaret Schulz and Jean Smith.   Last year the garden club decorated a tree at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, but decided to do something closer to home this year; something to benefit the Westlake community.  Library Director, Andrew Mangels, and his staff expressed their appreciation and thanked the garden club for its creative efforts.   Mr. Mangels stated that he thinks it will become a tradition.  It was a very enjoyable project for the garden club and themes for next year are already being considered.  The Westlake Garden Club celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013, so look for a “golden” theme.  The tree is located in the lobby near the door to the café.  If you have not yet seen the holiday tree at the Westlake Porter Library, stop by and take a look.  You are in for a real treat.