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Oh Christmas Tree - All That Glitters

Holiday Tree at Westlake Porter Public Library

The Westlake Garden Club decorated two trees this year; one at the Cleveland Botanical Garden for the GLOW Festival, and one at Westlake Porter Public Library.  The theme this year for the GLOW festival is Celebrations that take place between December 1 and March 1.  We decorated our tree to celebrate "Mother Nature's Winter Wonderland."  The committee met in November to make decorations that included wreaths, cornucopias, Hydrangeas, and other botanical materials which were sprayed silver.  Blue ribbon was added along with some owls to complete our theme.  President Marsha McEntee headed up the committee for the GLOW tree.  Robert Pearl chaired the library tree committee whose theme is holiday fruits and nuts.  The committee met at the library on Monday after Thanksgiving and decorated the tree with lush beaded fruits and nuts in gold, bronze and deep reds.  We added some gold lights to the white lights on the tree and gold bead garlands.  A gold tree skirts finishes the beautifully decadent tree.  We hope you all get to the Botanical Garden and the Westlake Porter Public Library to see and enjoy our beautiful trees.