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Saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello to Autumn

As Autumn officially arrives and we say goodbye to Summer, we can reflect on our gardens, the weather and what we did as a club over the Summer. You all know how your gardens fared, what worked and what didn't, and what changes you will make for next year. The weather, overall, was great and we are still enjoying very warm days. As a club, we enjoyed an evening picnic and plant exchange in June, a wonderful evening of touring four lovely gardens in July, and a very enjoyable bus trip to Fellowes Riverside Gardens in August. We just had our September meeting at Westlake Porter Public Library with a delicious lunch and an interesting and informative program on the "Power of Pollinators" presented by Greg Cada. Greg is a Master Gardener of Cuyahoga County and a beekeeper. Looking ahead, our October program will be on "Herbs, Teas and Medicinals" presented by Beth Schreibman-Gehring, 2nd Vice Chair of the Western Reserve Herb Society. The November program will be on the "Crooked River" presented by Elaine Marsh, Project Director of Ohio Greenways and Founding Member of Friends of the Crooked River. The December meeting is our annual Holiday Luncheon and Installation of Officers for 2018 and will be at the Westwood Country Club. In an effort to keep our club strong and make it better, we are going to make some minor changes for next year. We will no longer have a 1st and 2nd Vice President, but will have only one Vice President. Six committees are being formed that will take some of the work and pressure off the Board Members and will allow for responsibilities to be shared rather than taken on by one member. We may also start our meetings a half hour later and keep the business meeting to 1/2 hour instead of a full hour. We will try these things and if they work, great. If they do not work, we will go back to the original way or make some other change, but will keep moving forward. It was decided at the last meeting that we will again participate in GLOW at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, where we decorate a holiday tree. We will also decorate a tree at the Westlake Porter Public Library again this year. Last year it was decided to change our annual fundraiser luncheon to a bi-annual event, on the even years. We are not having a luncheon this year, but will plan the event for September 2018. When the date is set and plans are started, we will make more information available.