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How We Spend Our Time

We are all doing our part to stall the spread of the COVID19 pandemic.  This is a time that we could not have imagined six months ago, when we cannot meet with our friends and family and are severely limited on going out of our homes.  We are seeing shortages of items at the grocery store and are trying to make do with what we have on hand.  People are working from home or not working at all.  Kids are not going to school but are being home-schooled by parents. And we cannot visit loved ones who are in the hospital or nursing homes.  Everyone is trying to keep busy and productive in different ways; trying new recipes, cleaning closets and drawers, reading, watching TV, walking around neighborhoods and parks, doing puzzles, and so much more. I am painting rocks, yes, you read that correctly.  I collected rocks at Huntington Beach, washed and sealed them, then painted them. I have joined an online group called Northeast Ohio Rocks.  The idea is to hide your painted rocks at parks or around your neighborhood, someone finds a rock, posts a photo of it on Northeast Ohio Rocks facebook page, and re-hides the rock for someone else to find.  I call it a painted rock chainletter.  I gave five of the more detailed rocks to neighbors with an uplifting note and have hidden others at several parks when we are hiking. It has been fun but I am starting to get a little bored with it so I have gone back to painting on canvas and have a work in progress.  It has been a fun distraction that anyone can do, no real talent needed.  Take a look at the facebook page to see more of what people all over the area are doing.  I too have been baking and cooking, cleaning and reading, and trying to stay healthy and safe.  I hope you are all healthy and safe and trying to stay busy in your own way.  I so look forward to the time when we can again get together and laugh and share stories, and maybe we will be a little kinder and more tolerant than we were before this pandemic. Stay well my friends.