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Looking Ahead to 2021

An entire year has now passed with the Westlake Garden Club unable to meet.  We all have missed the educational and inspiring programs of past years, and most of all, have missed the socializing with each other.  During 2020, we elected a new Board and tried to stay connected with members by our newsletter, Garden Scoop, a Zoom meeting and phone calls. With so much uncertainty going into 2021, we have not planned programs and events.  We will have Zoom Board meetings and, hopefully, at least one Zoom meeting/program with the membership during the first quarter.  This is a trying time for everyone and we know that other clubs and organizations are experiencing the same thing. We appreciate our members and are so happy that they are sticking with us, even though we cannot have normal meetings and programs.  The new year is a year of hope; hope that the vaccine will start slowing infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. And hope that things will start to open up by the second quarter.  We are all in this together and we will, together, get through it.  Please reach out to your fellow club members with a card or a phone call to say hello, how are you.  Until we can once again meet in person, please take care, stay safe and stay well.