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Evening Garden Tour a Feast for the Senses

Mother Nature provide perfect weather for the second "mini" garden tour on the evening of July 20.  The first garden visited was a riot of color with a variety of plantings and shrubs, many surrounding the gorgeous pond and waterfall with water lillies and fish.  This garden has a lot of interesting garden art including a kaleidoscope over a container of brightly colored flowers that when turned, create a wonderful array of shapes and colors.  Next was a meticulously maintained vegetable garden with beautiful rows of vegetables, including broccoli, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and more.  This garden was created by a young family and their love of the earth-to-table philosophy is evident.  Next came a garden with colorful plants, shrubs, ponds, waterfalls, rocks, a playhouse and a bridge over Dover Creek.  This is another garden created and maintained by a young family whose love of nature is all around them.  We topped off the evening at a garden that is familiar to many garden club members since we had a garden tour there about six years ago.  This deep and open yard includes many magnificent trees, shrubs, colorful borders and a "room" in the back with hostas, hydrangeas and other shade plants.  There is a little house that overhangs the pond and waterfall and if you sit on the porch awhile, the koi in the pond come over to you with open mouths.  This is truly a garden that you just want to sit in, relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer.  This was the perfect garden to enjoy a closing reception with wine, beer, sandwiches, vegetables and dip, cheese, crackers and other snacks and cake for dessert.  We sincerely appreciate all of the homeowners opening their gardens to the garden club for these two "mini" garden tours.  Maybe we will do this again next year. See Photo Gallery for more photos.

First "Mini" Garden Tour a Big Success

On Wednesday, July 6, 20+ garden club members and some guests had the great pleasure of visiting other people's gardens.  This was the first of two "mini" garden tours scheduled for July.  We started at a Century Home garden that is lush and colorful.  This garden has been on garden tours in the past but is always delightful to visit again.  Next was a garden with a wonderful shaded garden in the front.  The back garden is colorful with a wide variety of plants, some of which are quite unique.  The third garden visited belongs to a club member.  This garden in only a couple of years old so is still somewhat in progress.  However, it is well-planned and meticulously maintained with a good variety of plantings and color.  I can't wait to see this garden in a couple of more years.  The last garden also belongs to a club member.  This garden takes you back in time.  It is wonderfully old-fashioned and seems like you are in the country instead of in the middle of Westlake.  This garden is lush with shasta daisies, lillies, red husker, cannas, pink campion, just to name a few.  We had lunch and refreshments in this garden which was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Thank you to all of the homeowners who opened their gardens for this tour.  We hope you can join us on Wednesday, July 20 for the second "mini" garden tour.


National Garden Week Final Event - "Ask the Gardeners"

Friday, June 10, 2016 was the final event for the Westlake Garden Club's celebration of National Garden Week.   From 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. representatives from the garden club were at Westlake Porter Public Library for "Ask the Gardeners."  Anyone visiting the library could stop by the table and ask their gardening questions.  Club members manning the table had at hand many reference books on gardening to help with the answers to any questions asked.  The garden club members at the table also have a wealth of gardening experience and love to share  their gardening successes and failures with others.  Even though this is but one week out of the year set aside as National Garden Week, we hope that through our events this week, we have helped and inspired at least one person to grow a better garden, or to start a garden for the first time.



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