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More National Garden Week Celebrations

The Westlake Garden Club hosts its second event to celebrate National Garden Week.  On Wednesday, June 8, Regina McCarthy and Jean Smith were in the Children's Reading Room at Westlake Porter Public Library with a "Let's Grow Something" program.  They talked to children about growing plants from seeds and handed out kits containing a 4" plastic pot, a bag of soil, seeds and instructions for growing Cosmos and Green Beans.  It was a captive audience since the children were coming to the library for story time and other programs presented by the library.  It is never too early to get children interested in growing flowers and vegetables and we hope all the children who took kits today will plant their seeds and watch as their plants grow and thrive.

Celebrating National Garden Week

A workshop attendee planting her vegetable container

The first event the Westlake Garden Club held for National Garden Week was today, June 6, 2016.  We hosted a "Vegetable Gardening in Containers" workshop at Dean's Greenhouse in Westlake, OH.  We learned what vegetables do best in containers and that some vegetables are being grown specifically for containers and small spaces.  These vegetables have normal sized fruit but require less space for the plant itself.  Some good examples are tomatoes and peas.  We then went into the greenhouse and selected vegetables to plant in our containers.  Alice, who conducted the workshop, was very knowledgeable about vegetables, soil, fertilizers, etc.  Thanks go to those who attended the workshop and a big thank you to Dean's Greenhouse and Alice for hosting and conducting the workshop.

Remembrance Garden Cleanup Day

Members of the garden club gathered on Saturday, May 28 at the Remembrance Garden to weed, trim, plant and, in general, clean up the garden.  The Center for Community Services had already spread mulch and edged the perimeter of the garden.   Marigolds were planted to form a path leading to the arbor that was added last year in memory of Mary Ann Brock.  Some of the prolific catmint on the west end of the garden was pulled out to make room for red, white and blue annuals.  Ladies Mantle was added in several places to trail over the rock border.  Bill Hock brought more Coneflowers from his garden and some of the Ladies Mantle.  After going home for the day, Bill discovered that he had some Canas bulbs at home and brought those to the garden to plant on Saturday evening. We had to work around a rabbit's nest that was discovered near the trellis.  Under the dried leaves and bits of fur were three small bunnies.  When discovered, one bunny scurried out and into the ground cover nearby, but the other two remained.  What a treat!  The garden looks great and will be wonderful when the new plantings get established and fill in with blooms.  What a perfect way to remember those members of the club who are no longer with us.  Thank you so much to Marsha McEntee, Kathy Bruening, Don Bowman, Bill Hock, Shirley Lutts, Jean Smith, and Alberta Ricciardi who took the pictures.



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