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Welcome to 2020

We have an exciting year of programs and events planned for 2020.  Our year starts in March which means we are in the planning/confirming stage right now.  Our calendar of programs and events will be posted soon - please check back often and consider joining us at one of our meetings/programs.

2019 Holiday Tree at Westlake Porter Library

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least in the lobby of the Westlake Porter Library. Members of the Westlake Garden Club decorated a tree in the lobby on November 14 for the community to enjoy. This year's tree is decorated with things from nature; birds, owls, deer, fruit. Thanks to Robert Pearl who has chaired the tree committee for several years and is the one who puts the tree together and gets it ready to decorate. Robert and his committee consisting of Kathy Bruening, Lavinia Cozmin, Margaret Schulz and Carolyn Steigman have given us a beautiful tree to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Be sure to stop by and get a closer look at the unique ornaments that adorn our tree. See more pics of the tree in the Photo Gallery. The Westlake Garden Club is also decorating a tree at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for the GLOW Festival. Visit our website in a few days to see photos of that tree.

Owls in Ohio

November 20, 7 p.m. WGC Evening Meeting -  Come, give a HOOT! Owls in OHIO

Jim Tomko, President of the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland,  will share his passion for birds and wildlife.  Twelve species of owls have been spotted in Ohio.  Several are residents, some are migrants, and a few are accidental visitors.  Interesting owl trivia will be revealed.  Some tips on how, when, and where to spot owls will be shared.  This is a powerpoint presentation and no live owls will be exhibited.  This chapter does not have a license to have captive wildlife. Our garden club Christmas trees have featured decorative owls in the past and they have always attracted a lot of positive attention.  Come learn about the real bird and why people are so fascinated by the owl.  

Please make reservations to Shirley at or Kathy at 440-385-7566 or Claire at 440-835-2663 by November 17. 


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